Internet and the computer has become an essential part of our lives and both makes our lives much easier but not without a price to pay; the threat from the Cyberspace. Over the past ten years criminals have been moving from stealing physical goods to stealing important personal information, this includes important personal information such as credit card details. In modern times this is equivalent to mugging. Cyber crimes that are previously unheard of are emerging and the crimes that were already there are increasing by staggering numbers. The main reason is the increase in the use of Cyberspace.

With the explosive growth of websites and web applications there has been a corresponding growth in the threats they are subject to. Cybercrime activities include access to unauthorized information, identity theft and major banking and credit card frauds. Risks from insecure websites have become an increasingly important issue especially with the growth of Personal Cloud and Vendor Relationship Management communities. While there is no one best checklist of vulnerabilities the OWASP 10 list items which are described below is a good way to start . If you are a head of IT, or even a CEO, the following will give some tough questions for you to ask your web administrator and evaluate how secure your website is depending on his answers.


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