Digital Forensics Investigations

The growth of digital technology driven/supported crimes is fuelled by numerous means of sharing data, 24×7 access to Internet, resource-rich mobile devices, and easy access to tools. As these technological advances enable the fraudulent or criminal activities to be carried out using desktops, mobile devices, and network equipment – beyond the servers – securing information assets has becomes a major global challenge. While Digital Forensics is expected to untangle such fraudulent or criminal activities via the investigation of incidents or suspected incidents, it is pretty much a needle in a haystack, if you do not know where to look for and how to find it.

About TechCERT DarkLAB

DarkLAB is a purposely built, specialized Digital Forensics and malware analysis facility operated by TechCERT, a division of LK Domain Registry. DarkLAB offers extensive expertise, spanning a broad range of investigations, places your enquiry in the safest and most experienced hands. DarkLab team had been successful in handling a wide range of DF investigations for private/public sector organizations and individuals in Sri Lanka. Our procedures have been developed to conform to the Computer Crimes Act No. 24 of 2007 and Electronic Transactions Act No. 19 of 2006.

Solution Approach

DarkLAB’s 4-step Digital Forensics (DF) Investigation process applies principles of Digital Forensics, industry standard tools, and our expertise to untangle the fraudulent or criminal activities.


TechCERT Digital Forensics & Investigation Services

  • Computer and forensics, advanced data recovery and analysis
  • Mobile forensics, data extraction and analysis
  • Internet forensics and intelligence
  • Digital forensics readiness planning
  • Malware research and intelligence
  • Evidence collection & preservation support







APCERT Cyber drill 2019

APCERT Cyber drill 2019

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